I have had a life-long interest in photography, beginning with my first camera as a teenager.  After semi- retiring to Santa Fe from the Denver area, I began to grow my photography into something more than a hobby.  After changing formats from film to digital, I became more serious about my photography.  Since residing in Santa Fe, I have taken digital imaging classes at the Santa Fe Community College, several seminars from professional photographers and, local and international photography workshops.   I am currently involved with two local photography clubs.

I have been displaying and selling framed prints at local community art spaces including banks, restaurants and libraries since 2011.  I print, mat and frame my images.  In 2014, I began licensing digital prints to a Santa Fe organization which used two images for presentation brochures.  Licensed images also appear in local tourism brochures.  Also in 2014, I have expanded my sales to include greeting cards, and am selling cards at five locations in Santa Fe.  One of the locations is a living history museum where I have volunteered as a docent and tour guide.  In addition to volunteering, I have photographed many festival weekends and special events there and provided the images to the museum for use in their website, publications, guidebook and advertising.  The museum has also purchased packs of greeting cards as premium gifts for museum benefactors.  I began volunteering at the museum by assisting with their digital archiving project, digitizing slides, negatives and prints.  While working part-time as a Santa Fe County driver, I have photographed activities at senior centers for the County, making images available for use in County newsletters.

My current equipment list includes a professional level Canon 5D Mark IV dSLR with several professional grade lenses, flash, tripod and other necessary accessories.  I also have a Canon 5D Mark III dSLR as a back-up.  Additionally, I use a Canon 5D Mark II dSLR that has been converted to shoot infrared only.